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still got some questions?

I understand... I also like to ask a million questions before I commit to anything!

So I've answered some FAQs below and if there is still something you want to ask me then please don't hesitate to get in touch!  

What exactly is lifestyle photography?

I like to think of it as real life at it's best - It's about capturing you and your family at their best either outdoors, in your city or at your home. You can get glammed up or keep it low key. Ultimately at the end of the day it's about you and your family having some fun together while I capture the moments.  

Do you pose us or just let us be?

My lifestyle sessions do involve direction from me. I do put you in a series of poses or ask you to do certain things while I photograph you. However, because I don't insist on you looking at the camera but rather to look at one another and have fun, the poses feel natural and you are free to move a bit within them and make them your own.   

What if my children play up? I don't think they'll last a full 90 minutes...

I work as fast as I can to get what I need and usually manage this in under an hour - 90 minutes is the absolute maximum I'll push your kids to. I try keep the sessions fun and mix things up a bit by allowing them to run around for some of the time and mix things up by moving to different areas during the session.    

What time of day do you schedule the session?

For outdoor sessions the best time for beautiful light is an hour before sunset or in the first hour after sunrise. For in home sessions (including newborns) I usually start around 10am. 

What if it's raining?

I ask that the weekend of the shoot you keep both Saturday and Sunday open until I confirm which day looks best for weather. For rain & temperatures over 38 ̊C I will reschedule if the session is planned for outdoors, while overcast and chilly days are a go! 

What if I or a family member gets sick?

I will reschedule for major illness, injury or fevers. I can't reschedule for sniffles or cuts and bruises as a result of kids being kids. 

My family from out of town are visiting, can they join in?

Extended family sessions will incur an additional charge per person/family unit. If this is something you require then please let me know as soon as possible (not on the day/day before) so we can clarify exactly what you are hoping to get out of the session. 

Do you offer advice on what we should all wear?

I'm by no means a stylist but in my client prep guide (that you receive upon booking) I tell you what to avoid and have links to wardrobe inspiration on Pinterest. But in all honesty just keep it real - you know what looks good on you and your family.  

Can you "photoshop out" elements of my house that I don't like?

No. While I do edit all images to my standard and style this involves adjusting elements such as exposure, hues and contrast. This does not include retouching to remove unwanted mess and clutter.

My client prep guide also details getting your home ready for a session.  

Do you only offer lifestyle sessions?

While my lifestyle sessions are what most my clients want, I'm always keen to work with families who want to do documentary-like sessions. Pop me message with the details of what you want and I'll be in touch to discuss what the options would be. 

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