Hi, I'm Gill

I’m the girl behind the camera pointing at you.


Before I go on any further about me though, I need to ask you a question: Have you ever watched your children sleep?


When those little balls of energy pass out we just can’t stop ourselves from watching and taking them in. Reflecting on the day and then dealing with the endless array of emotions that follow - relief, guilt, sorrow, pride, love… 


For me, when I watch my little one sleep, one resounding thought dominates and that is that these days, as long as they seem now, are actually fleeting. As hard as they are (I have a threenager – we both cry a lot) they are also so, so good. And that is why I use my camera on an almost daily basis.


I capture the moments I want to remember the most - the good ones, the fun and messy ones, the moments of discovery and wonder that these tiny humans go through. I want to look back at those images like I look at her sleeping tonight. I want to remember that these days were hard but wonderful, difficult yet full of laughter too. I want them to remind me of how I love her more than I ever thought was possible and that I am enough.


And, I want that for you too. I want it for so many families. To look back at those images of your beautiful, chaotic, perfectly imperfect life and remember the good, the laughter and happiness.

Based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, I specialise in family & newborn lifestyle photography and child portraiture. I capture the bigger picture as well as the close up details to create a collection of images to tell your family’s story beautifully and authentically.


As I mentioned, I also document my child and family daily. I’ll be sharing a lot of what that involves over on the blog so that you too can capture your family beautifully. I’ve even put together a guide for my top five tips to upping your family photography game, which you can download for free when you sign up to my mailing list below.


Don’t worry, I’m a one woman show with a toddler and a tonne of images to edit so I certainly won’t be bombarding your inbox with lots of emails – just the occasional blog post I feel may be of interest to you and any promotions or model calls that I have going. People on my list get first dibs and it’s super easy to unsubscribe should you feel that the content isn’t right for you!



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