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COVIDSafe Plan

This COVIDSafe plan is for Gill Cook Photography, Melbourne Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photographer.

This plan has been prepared in accordance with the guidelines as stipulated on the Victorian government website

Business name: Gill Cook Photography (ABN: 11 891 142 656)

Plan completed by: Gillian Cook

Date created: 21 October 2020

Date of last review: 21 October 2020


As at the date of preparing (or last review date) of this COVIDSafe Plan document, Outdoor Photography and School Photography are permitted

“Outdoor photography for commercial photographers undertaking paid services. Services must operate solely outdoors with up to five people where physical distancing can be maintained at all times, for businesses with an ABN”


1. Ensure physical distancing

  • Social Distancing will be maintained at all times

  • Family Outdoor Photography is permitted for one family/household (up to 5 people) and the photographer and client (family) will maintain a 1.5m distance to one another at all times.

  • The Photographer will select an appropriate, public outdoor location that will ensure that physical distancing can be maintained between the photographer and client(s) as well as the general public

  • School Photography is permitted on site but must be carried out outside.

2. Wear a face covering

  • The photographer will always wear a face mask, as per public health advice.

  • Face masks must be worn by the client(s) 12 years and older (unless lawful exception applies) and these may only be removed while having their photos taken (or having a series of photos taken).

  • The removal of the client’s face mask while being photographed is permitted in accordance a with the: Stay at home Directive, sub clause 7 (s): the person is receiving a service from a facility which is permitted to operate under, and is operating in accordance with, the Restricted Activity Directions (restricted areas, No 13), to the extent that it is not reasonably practicable to receive that service wearing a face covering”

  • Cloth masks must be washed daily and single-use disposable masks discarded appropriately. If the mask becomes visibly dirty or wet while being used it must be changed immediately.


3. Practice good hygiene

  • Proper hand hygiene will be maintained at all times. This includes adequate hand washing at home before the Photo Shoot and regular hand sanitization with an alcohol-based hand sanitizer during and after the photo shoot when necessary.  

  • Photography Equipment used by the photographer will be sanitized before and after each photography session.

4. Keep records and act quickly if workers or clients become unwell

  • For Family Photography, the photographer will collect contact details of each person at the photo shoot as well as record the date and time of each session.

  • In the event of either the photographer or client(s) becoming unwell before the session, the photo session will be rescheduled.

  • In the event of the photographer coming into contact with a person with COVID19, they will inform WorkSafe Victoria (13 23 60). The photographer will stop photo shoots and resume upon receiving a negative COVID19 test result or at the direction of the relevant authorities.

  • In the event that client(s) come into direct contact with a positive COVID19 case before the photography session, they will inform the photographer to reschedule until receiving a negative COVID19 test result.

  • Should either the photographer or client(s) feel unwell (or receive a positive COVID19 test result) up to 14 days post the photography session, each party will be informed in order to look out for the development of symptoms.

  • For School Photography, the attendance register taken by the school will be available for record keeping. The time spent at the school will be recorded by the photographer. 

5. Avoid interactions in enclosed spaces

  • For Family Photography, only outdoor photography is permitted at this stage.

  • For School Photography, photos must be taken outdoors but this can occur on-site at the school.  

6.Create workforce bubbles

  • This is not applicable to Gill Cook Photography


For the latest information on restrictions in Victoria, visit

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