Is your family up to the task of a Lifestyle Photography Session? | Melbourne Family Photographer

So you’re considering a family lifestyle session but feeling unsure - you're questioning if this is worth the investment of time and money, based on your family’s natural ability to be, well… themselves!

You’ve seen beautiful images of gorgeous families looking like they're having the time of their lives and although you want your family to appear this relaxed and happy, you just can’t picture your hubby instinctively draping his arms around you while your darling kids organically run up to the two of you and snuggle in as though they’ll never let you go…

No... instead, your hubby (bless him) will probably be more intrigued by the latest mountain bike that just whizzed past or drone he can see some idiot flying in the distance. And to add insult to injury your kids are likely to turn even more feral than usual and honestly make it seem that the gravel stones in the pathway are in fact the most fascinating things they have ever seen in their lives! All while you stand and smile at a lady holding a camera, mindfully willing your darling little family to just hug you and look like a picture of perfection…

You’re just not so sure you’re going to look good on paper, especially the photographic kind!

Let me put your mind at ease Mama - I’ve got you and your family, so that you’ve got this!

My lifestyle sessions are first and foremost about you guys spending quality time together

You don't need to worry about the photos - that’s my job! It’s about loving on one another, making your children the center of attention, which immediately gets them to engage and play with you. I find that when Mum and Dad focus on making some memories with the kids, and let go of expecting them to have model behaviour, everyone relaxes and that’s when the magic happens.

Once having booked your session I will send a questionnaire to help me get to know you all a bit better. Here you can mention any concerns, family dynamics and let me know any expectations you have. This ensures we both arrive at the session on the same page and prepared. I will also send you my client prep guide which has all the info you need on what to expect on the day, how to prep your family as well as some wardrobe inspiration if you feel you need it.

I’m not just going to shout action and expect you to know what to do.

Instead, I will guide and direct you into certain poses. Within these, I encourage interaction so that you can still be your fun and quirky selves which will show through in the images. My images are about your connection to each other, not your connection to me and my camera, therefore, I don’t ever insist on you all looking and smiling at the camera!

Generally, I direct you through a series of standing, sitting and then some moving poses. In each pose I ask you to interact with each other, tickle, whisper and play games. I don’t want you to look at the camera unless I call you and I don’t want you to smile unless you are having fun. I also try to get some portrait shots of each child. I try to move you guys to a couple of different spots at the location to keep up the interest of the kids as well as adding visual variety to your gallery.

I always base the shoot on the cues I get from your children. If one is seriously camera shy, I’m not going to start by focusing in on them first! Just the same, if your children are running around like dynamos and are keen to explore a bit then I’m not going to choose that time to ask them to sit down and give you a cuddle.

Even though I have directed you, your personalities and family dynamic still shine through. This makes for a unique gallery capturing the absolute best of your tribe at this stage of your lives.

Please don’t put off your family photos because you feel it might be too difficult and too much effort.

This is for them but more than that, this is for you! I truly believe that family photos are so important and something you will never regret investing in!

Being able to do this for you so that you have amazing images of yourself with your darling family is such an honour for me and nothing brings me more joy than to show you just how beautiful you and your family are!

I’m sure you can’t believe just how quickly time has gone since your first was born and I’m telling you now, it’s not going to slow down!

If you have been on the fence about booking a session I hope this can convince you that the session isn’t something to be concerned about but rather something to look forward to! Just treat this as special family time to connect and let me worry about the rest!

Contact me to today to enquire about booking your Family Lifestyle Session


p.s. All images here are of me and my tribe. Captured with the help of my beautiful friend, Lara Bunn, under my direction and posing and all edited by yours truly too.