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It's December and Santa's in town!

Well it's finally December - cue Christmas tree decorating, mince pie eating and advent calendar opening... woo hoo!

The first weekend has kicked off with a truly festive vibe as I captured the annual Christmas party for the Camberwell area multiple birth association (CAMBA). This event was for all members of CAMBA and with over 50 families in attendance there were well over 100 children to entertain! And entertained they were!

The most popular stop as always was at the face painters - these ladies created the most amazing artwork, all based on personal requests from each child. There were butterflies, crocodiles, batman, tigers and roller-coasters. The kids named them and these artists painted them!

While waiting for their turn to have their faces painted, the children kept themselves busy at the craft table where cookie decorating (and eating) went down, and handmade Christmas decorations were also artistically created.

For the more active there was plenty to do too - a dip in a ball pit, a jump on a trampoline or the usual mucking about on the playground equipment. In addition, there was a bubble entertainer supplying the most incredible giant bubbles for everyone to pop. This saw kids and adults alike, chasing bubbles all over the grounds!

Mums and Dads all lined up for a well deserved cuppa Joe from the coffee man with a van (second busiest spot to the face painting) and filled up on tasty homemade treats, before purchasing some raffle tickets to enter the draw to win one of eight boxes filled to brim with generous donations of books, toys, dolls and more. The winners were pulled from a lucky draw and the new owners couldn't wait to unpack and inspect all the goodies they had acquired.

Then, just as I thought things couldn't get any more exciting, who should fly in from the North Pole? Santa, of course! That's right people, Santa was in Melbourne this weekend and he started at the CAMBA Christmas party! All crafts, bubble chasing and playground stomping immediately ceased and a trail of children lined up to say hi to Santa. As always he was a jolly and generous fella with presents for all! Hooray!

CAMBA is a wonderful organisation that is run by volunteer parents of multiples. Not only do they put on a great Christmas party but they provide much needed support and a sense of community for families with multiples. If you would like to know more or get in touch then please visit their website:




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