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Memory Bunting – Lockdown Crafts | Melbourne Family Photographer

Well Melbourne, we find ourselves in lockdown 2.0.

Really there is so very little I can say right now that would be any different to what so many other people are saying and generally feeling – from abject disbelief to 'let’s find the silver linings' and then the ‘well it could be so much worse’ rhetoric…

All I know is that it is what it is and I hope you manage to find the best way you can to deal with it.

Photo Crafts for Us

During lockdown 1.0 my daughter and I jumped onto the crafting bandwagon and I was seriously impressed with what she was able to achieve. So we are dealing with 2.0 with the same mindset but I’m adding in doing a craft with photos at least once a week too, and plan on sharing them here!

Why photos? Well as a lifestyle photographer I tend to have a plethora of images and only so much album space to fill...

So, six weeks of lockdown and six photo craft projects to do!

Pompom Photo Bunting

This week’s project was something I’ve been wanting to do in her room since her third birthday (so basically a year) using the pompom bunting we used as decoration at the party.

As you can see it’s relatively simple but I do have some key pieces of advice for this:

· Print your photos with a boarder to give them a nice bold edge.

· The command hooks recommend that the wall be cleaned before application – I used an isopropanol spray wall cleaner and I unintentionally inhaled most of the fumes while using it – do not do this! It burns and the buzz so isn’t worth it! Maybe use a mask or don’t spray it on, rather pour some onto a cloth and rub the walls down with it.

· Once you’ve applied the command hooks, wait a full hour for them to adhere to the wall, otherwise the whole thing will come crashing down (I speak from experience)

· Factor in at least two hours wait before much is done – one for the wall to dry after cleaning it, the second one for the wall hooks to adhere. Therefore, don’t get the kids excited about the project until the boring bits are done. This was probably my biggest mistake.

· Have some backup things for the kids to do while you wait – maybe some popsicle puzzle sticks (another fun photo craft)?

· The pompom bunting is from KMART

Overall, I’m happy with the result as a first attempt. I might try go bigger next time and us double the bunting. What I love about this idea is that it’s going to be easy to add more pics as the year goes on.

Print your Photos

It’s so important to print your memories so that your young children can see them. They aren’t on the family WhatsApp groups or social media apps and don’t get to see the pictures as often as we do. Having them in books or on display is a great way to relive special memories and keep distant (or socially distanced) family and friends in their minds.

Keep safe during this lockdown Peeps.


p.s keep a look out for next week's craft.



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