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Welcome, again.

Hi. If you are reading this then it means I have finally put this new and improved website and blog out into the big wide world!

So, it's only recently that I've started telling people I am a photographer (obviously this is in response the question "So, what do you do?" I don't just go around announcing to people that I am a photographer - that would be weird and I would be way to shy, although given enough wine and dare that could change... I digress, however!)

So why only recently? Well that's because before being a photographer I was a medical scientist who had a fancy camera. Also I haven't actually had a fancy camera for all too long (two and a bit years to be honest). And during this time I have had a baby; had a shift in continents; required a change of scenery from the fluorescent laboratory lighting; and taken the time to put in a lot of studying & practicing into all aspects of photography. So with all this going on it's taken a little while. But now when people ask I can say it. And mean it. I'm comfortable behind my camera and comfortable taking photos of people. And I LOVE it!

I have worked with some beautiful friends, families and companies along this journey and I can say that I have learnt and evolved so much in these past two years, heck, even requiring a new space on the internet (the old space is here). I've captured moments that people have loved and can cherish for the rest of their lives.

My little view finder has shifted how I see the world. I see shadows, light and colour like never before. I see and capture movement and feeling. It enables me to see the bigger picture and the smallest detail. It has slowed my world down to 1/250th of a second (generally) and allowed me to capture beauty in the most ordinary.

So welcome here. Please get in touch here if you want to know more about booking a session. Or leave a comment below.


p.s.I'm keeping this first post very minimal on the imagery as I want you to look around the rest of the site which showcases my work and style.



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