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Four reasons you should book a Melbourne, in-home Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

Bringing your Newborn home is such a special moment. Being home finally allows you to settle in and get to know one another. Home is where you find your groove with your little one.

You’ll be going through so many emotions - from the explosion of love that shatters and rebuilds your heart like you could never imagine, to sleep deprived exhaustion, overwhelm (thanks hormones) as well as moments of intense love, pride and joy!

Your home is your safe place, where your post-partum body will heal and recover from childbirth and where you’ll be spending most your time getting to know your little one during those first precious couple weeks.

Home can also be where your newborn photoshoot takes place

In-home lifestyle newborn photography is the perfect way to capture authentic and beautiful images of your newborn baby. As a Melbourne Lifestyle Photographer I want to share my four top reasons why you should book an in-home lifestyle newborn session

1. Baby can be awake or asleep during their lifestyle newborn photography session

Getting into the groove of life with a newborn isn’t always so easy. They’re on their own schedule which means you’re on their schedule too. And, while you may have a rough idea of what the schedule is (nurse, burp, sleep, poop and repeat) they can also throw in some curve balls like wind, fussiness and refusing to sleep.

In-home lifestyle photography takes the overwhelm of needing to have a fed and sleepy baby out of the equation. It follows the baby-led approach which means I take photos of your bub if they are awake or asleep.

I don’t place them into stiff poses. I keep things very natural and comfortable for them.

If they are feeling particularly fussy and don’t want to leave your arms, that’s fine too. I can still get beautiful photos of them in your arms – where, let’s be honest, they spend most of their time anyway!

2. The lifestyle photography session takes place in the comfort of your own home

In the comfort of your home all you need to do is get yourselves ready, clear up any obvious clutter and carry on with your usual routine (albeit in nicer clothes than your PJs).

Older siblings can carry on playing in their familiar environment and you will have everything you need for your baby because you’re home!

Your children don’t need to be rushed out the door, no need for packing snacks or a baby bag and no navigating traffic and wrong turns.

You and/or your baby can easily take a break if it’s needed. You can nurse in comfort and keep relaxed and calm. All while I capture beautiful moments of you and your family in your home.

3. In-home lifestyle newborn sessions capture things authentically and true to you

Having photos in your home keep things very authentic and true to the memories. Lifestyle photography is about capturing you and your family at their best while still remaining true and authentic.

During the session I do direct and guide you in how to hold your baby, I find the best light in your house and I also aim to capture elements of your house so that when looking back at the photos in years to come the moments captured are a true reflection on what things were like (in the best light of course).

It’s a great choice if you want real but artistic true to life images of you and your family’s life with your new little baby.

In-home sessions will also allow me to capture the beautiful décor of your baby's nursery.

4. In-home lifestyle photography sessions are suitable for all babies (not only newborns)

Having a newborn baby in your life comes with ups and downs and having photos might seem overwhelming – to navigate, get ready and prepare for. Maybe you put off having newborn photos because it seemed too complicated, well let me tell you that all babies photograph well, no matter their age!

Because lifestyle newborn photography is baby led and very naturally styled, if your bub is older and doesn’t want to sleep that’s not a problem at all. And as an added bonus we will capture real smiles and different age-appropriate angles, such as on their tummies or sitting up.

monochrome image of newborn baby smiling.  in-home lifestyle photography melbourne

To recap, in-home Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are:

  • Relaxed and in the comfort of your own home

  • Baby led, so there’s no need to ensure your baby is settled and asleep on someone else’s schedule

  • A true and authentic reflection on this time in your life

  • Suitable for all babies, not just newborns!

Having newborn (or older baby) photos doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Yes, you will have to get yourselves out of your PJs and make your bed, but when done at home the session is very relaxed - we follow baby’s cues, your other children remain comfortable at home too and there’s no chance of forgetting to pack something you need because you’re at home!

If you’re in Melbourne and expecting (or have already had a baby) then get in touch with me about booking a lifestyle newborn/baby session at home!


A note on COVID and the current pandemic with regards to my lifestyle photoshoots

There is no doubt about it, while in the midst of a global pandemic, now more than ever we need to be safe and look after each other.

As important as it is to document these moments in your life, it shouldn’t be a risk to you or your family and others. We are so fortunate to be in Australia where for the most part the pandemic seems to be under control and I am able to work both indoors and outdoors as a photographer.

I want to reassure you that safety is my highest priority. I have a COVID-safe plan will do everything in my power to minimise the risk and spread of COVID during my lifestyle photography sessions. This includes following all legislation about masks and social distancing under the new COVID-normal conditions, strict hand hygiene and rescheduling if either myself or yourselves are feeling unwell at all.


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