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Social Distancing and your Family Photography Session | Melbourne Family Photography

With stay at home restrictions starting to ease, it’s wonderful we are getting small freedoms back! Sitting in a café enjoying brunch is literally back on the table (in a couple weeks) - yay! However, I do wonder how it’s all going to pan out… What will the new normal look like as businesses begin to reopen while still implementing social distancing?

lifestyle image of child walking on misty beach alone

Social Distancing for my Melbourne Family and Newborn Photography Sessions

What will the new normal look like for family photography sessions? Well I can’t speak for the local high street café but I can fill you in on measures I am taking in my photography business during this time of social distancing, with safety for you and me being my top priority.

Measures I am taking during my family photo shoots to comply with social distancing regulations

  • Firstly, if myself or you (or anyone in our families) is feeling unwell we will reschedule. Even if this is on the day of the shoot!

  • I will be using an alcohol-based disinfectant to sanitise my camera and equipment before your session.

  • I will always have hand sanitizer on me and use it before, during and after the session.

  • We won’t be able to shake hands or hug hello and I will be keeping 1.5m distance from you. Rest assured though, I can still get beautiful shots of you and your family while maintaining this distance between us.

  • I will always wear a mask as long as the mask regulation stands. Should this compulsory rule change in the future then I will wear a mask at my (or your) discretion (as I know sometimes little ones don’t understand what 1.5m is).

Social Distancing and Outdoor Lifestyle Family Photography Sessions

These sessions aren’t likely to change much at all. I generally like to find quieter areas within the nature park/beach where I have the sessions so usually we are away from the crowds. The main difference will be that I can’t stand over you and get in too close, but my zoom lens will sort that problem out easily.

In-Home Newborn Photography Sessions and Social Distancing

As space can be tight indoors I will wear a mask. Where the session takes place indoors will depend on the space I have to work in, keeping in mind the social distancing regulations. Once I am at your house I will scout out the best location.

For newborn and baby sessions I will bring a doll to demonstrate what I want you to do - therefore, I don’t need to touch your baby. Please note, with you permission I can touch and position your baby – but this is completely up to you.

Lifestyle photography is very relaxed and wonderful in that it doesn’t require me to have to physically put you into rigid poses. This is really wonderful in the case of newborn photography – baby can be asleep or awake, in your arms or in the crib – I always follow their cues and take it from there.

Preparing your children (and yourself) for a Family Photography Session with Social Distancing

I am sure by now your children know a fair bit about social distancing and what they should and should not be doing. However, I am a Mum to a 'just turned 4' year old and I know the struggle of getting it to stick is a whole other battle!

Add to this the excitement of a family photo shoot and a frolic outdoors in one of Melbourne's great outdoor locations and I can feel your anxiety already. But please don't stress!

Just run through the general social distancing rules with them beforehand. Remind them to try and keep their distance from the nice lady with the camera but still listen to her... haha!

Look, they may or may not listen (these are kids after all), to you or me, but the main thing is don't shout at them if they seem to be getting a bit close. I will gently remind them too and we may even come up with a fun game to help them remember!

Three children (siblings) outdoor lifestyle photography session
family of five walking in field of flowers - outdoor lifestyle photography session melbourne
children playing in field of flowers cosmos - outdoor lifestyle photography photoshoot melbourne

Summary of my COVID-safe plan for your Family Photography Session

Throughout all sessions I'll be wearing a mask, keeping strict hand hygiene and maintaining a safe distance (1.5m). If anyone is feeling unwell we will reschedule.

I hope that this has answered any questions or concerns you may have. I want you to feel comfortable and safe during your session! If you have any further questions please just get in touch and let me know.

I can’t wait to get back to capturing beautiful memories to last you a lifetime (and let's all be safe while doing it!)


Update 21 October 2020: I have a COVIDSafe Plan that will updated regularly as rules and restrictions change.


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