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When to book your Melbourne Maternity & Newborn Lifestyle Photography Sessions

Expecting a baby is such an exciting time but also involves a lot of planning. In some ways nine months can seem like an eternity, however, ask any Mama at the 35 week mark and they’ll tell you that the end of their pregnancy has caught them a bit off guard.

There is a lot to prepare! As small as Newborns are, they turn your world upside down - and that’s before they’ve even arrived! Strollers, car seats, cribs, décor decisions not to mention how many different brands of bottles and teats (with various sized holes and sizes, I might add) there are to choose from!

Well when it comes to the above decisions, I’m not much help unfortunately, the memories are too distant and it’s probably changed a bit in the last four and half years since I was in that position in any case. But when it comes to documenting these moments and the timing around it all, I’m your girl!

Let me start by saying you need to get in touch to book in your lifestyle photography session dates as early as possible to ensure my availability around the time you want. To sweeten the deal, I'm gifting three maternity sessions (worth $300) to the first three Melbourne Mamas who book a Maternity and Lifestyle package with me in 2021 (T&C's apply)!

Your Melbourne Lifestyle Maternity Photography Session

Nothing is more beautiful than a pregnant mama-to-be. Your body is literally nurturing a life! It is an incredibly special time and personally I have never felt more amazed by my body than while I was pregnant.

This time is so magical to capture and out of all the sessions I offer is the only one where timing is critical – if the baby comes early, there’s no going back to capture it!

Therefore, I recommend getting photos between the 35-37 week mark. You’ll be well and truly showing so we’ll capture that beautiful baby bump. If your pregnancy is a little more complicated and you want to have photos earlier than this, that’s not a problem either!

My Melbourne lifestyle maternity sessions are generally around 30 minutes and while my main focus is on you and your gorgeous baby bump, your partner and other children will also feature. I aim to capture authentic and beautiful shots of this time in all your lives. I always recommend an outdoor golden hour session (either the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset) but we can make other times and locations work too.

Your Melbourne Lifestyle Newborn Photography Session

Lifestyle newborn photography at home is quite relaxed in that it doesn’t require much posing of the baby and, therefore, your baby can be awake or asleep which means the timing of the session is not very critical.

newborn baby sleeping in dad's hands

If you are wanting all the newborn, tiny baby details then within the first two weeks is better. However, if you want to settle into life with your baby first and find your groove, a couple weeks later is perfectly fine too.

Typically, I recommend to have the newborn photoshoot between 2-6 weeks of age, however, older babies are just as cute to capture and we may even get a gorgeous smile too!

My Melbourne, in-home lifestyle newborn sessions take place midmorning and are generally between 1-2 hours (or as long as they need to be). I give you plenty of time to settle baby as needed and we follow their cues. Again, the main focus of the session is the new baby, but the rest of the family will feature a lot too. I make a fuss of the older siblings because their world has also been tuned upside down and they are just as important!

What happens with scheduled photoshoots when the unexpected happens?

I understand that life happens and things don’t always go according to plan. While you can have the best intentions and book everything in there are times when we may need to change plans and reschedule the photo shoots because of the unexpected.

In the case where your baby takes you by surprise with an early arrival, the missed maternity session can be replaced with a mini session later on in the year (6 – 8 months).

In the case where your baby needs to go to the NICU or doesn’t come home when you were expecting we will reschedule the session for once they are home and healthy. Remember that no matter the age, babies are beautiful and the flexibility that Lifestyle Photography sessions offer is great in ensuring that no matter the age of your little one, we can still capture them beautifully.

Take home points about my Melbourne Lifestyle Maternity and Newborn Photography Sessions

  • Maternity sessions should take place around the 35-37 week

  • Newborn sessions generally take place between 2 - 6 weeks of age

  • Older baby? No problem – ALL babies are beautiful to photograph, no matter their age!

  • If things don’t go to plan (baby comes early and/or has to go to NICU) we reschedule the newborn session until baby is home and healthy. For missed maternity sessions, we do a six month or older session.

  • Book in these dates as soon you can to ensure availability

  • I'm gifting three maternity sessions (worth $300) to the first three Melbourne Mamas who book a Maternity and Lifestyle package with me in 2021 (T&C's apply)

So, if you are in Melbourne and considering a Lifestyle Maternity and Newborn Session, please get in touch so I can book you in!

Don't forget, I'm gifting three maternity sessions (worth $300) to the first three Melbourne Mamas who book a Maternity and Lifestyle package with me in 2021 (T&C's apply)


A note on COVID and the current pandemic with regards to my lifestyle photoshoots

There is no doubt about it, while in the midst of a global pandemic, now more than ever we need to be safe and look after each other. As I write this, COVID is flaring up in the NSW and Melbourne is just getting back to COVID-normal after a lengthy lockdown.

As important as it is to document these moments in your life, it shouldn’t be a risk to you or your family and others. We are so fortunate to be in Australia where for the most part the pandemic seems to be under control and I am able to work both indoors and outdoors as a photographer.

I want to reassure you that safety is my highest priority. I have a COVID-safe plan will do everything in my power to minimise the risk and spread of COVID during my lifestyle photography sessions. This includes following all legislation about masks and social distancing under the new COVID-normal conditions, strict hand hygiene and rescheduling if either myself or yourselves are feeling unwell at all.



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